a* korat cats - korater i danmark

Meejai Korats welcome 5 new Kittens, proud parents beeing Pimu and Samut!


My korat cattery was  registered on  January 2nd 2012 by FIFe: DK Meejai. Meejai is the western spelling of the thai adjective มีใจ (me:- jay-):

eager, brave, feisty, cozy, affectionate, positive minded

All this describes my koratgang  perfectly. Jai is part of the adjective meejai: it means heart anatomically and sweetheart, darling in a figurative  sense. Furthermore, heart shape is an important feature of  the korat’s face (as described in standard & breed description).

DK being a prefix of my catteryname, will tell you I’m a Danish cat-breeder. My family is quite international with Danish and Austrian roots, my husband was German and I live near the German-Danish border.
On my homepage you will find information and historical details  about this rare, not really known cat breed. Above all I would like you to get an insight in my life with my wonderful koratcats.

Pimu and Lalana: Winners in Turku 2012

Click here for the results: Catshow results 2012

IC FI*Hovikissan Pi-Mu (Pimu)
Bild FI*Hovikissan Pi-Mu (Pimu)
CH Lalana Lilavaree (Lalana)
Bild Lalana Lilavaree (Lalana)