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Meejai Korats welcome 5 new Kittens, proud parents beeing Pimu and Samut!

Breed Description

The first things to notice about Korat are its soft lines, large luminous green eyes, alert expression and its blue coat with a heavy silver sheen.


The Korats are of medium size. Females weigh 2,5 to 3,5 kg. Males are usually larger (3,5 – 5,5 kg). The Korats have well-balanced proportions, weigh more than their appearance suggests and give impression of powerful strength due to well developed muscles.

The Korat matures rather slowly, showing full beauty at 4 to 9 years of age.


IP.DK Primprau’s Aprilili Aria ("Jai")

The large round open eyes and high set ears that are broad at base and rounded at the tips give the Korat an alert expression. The face is heart-shaped, broad between and across the eyes. The eyebow ridges from the upper curves of the heart and the sides of the face curve gently down to the chin to complete the heat shape.

The relative broad nose has a slight stop in the profile and a slight downward curve at the tip of the nose and nose leather, like a lion nose.

The eye colour develops until 3 years old. Blue at birth they turn amber, yellow, yellow-green to brilliant linden-green. They are luminous and expressive, the huge oversized round form and brilliant colour give the impression of depth – like a light shining within. They are described in the old manuscripts as "dewdrops on a lotus leaf".

The body is semi-cobby but still elegant, muscular and supple; powerful but not heavily built.

The coat is short, soft to the touch and smooth as silk without undercoat. The colour is silverblue only. The silversheen is caused by the colourless tips of the fine hairs. The shade of the blue colour can differ from darker to lighter blue. In the ancient Thai manuscripts it says:

" … with roots like clouds and tips like silver … "


The Korats have a fabulous temper, they are exceedingly alert and affectionate. They will be around "their" human all the time, helping and supporting in everything what is happening, especially if being a single cat. They like to have playmates, being it Korats, other pets or a large family with children. Korat cats love to play and are amazingly inventive. They know rather quickly how to open doors or to retrieve toys asking you for more playing. They will let you know what they want, kind hearted but with strong will power.

Having Korats around you, you are never alone, they are present all the time.

They are lively but cautious, no problem for me letting my china cupboards open. The toiletpaper-phase (have a look at "monday morning") is solved since they got their own roll in their Meejai-Castle: they learn quickly!

My Korats love to accompany me on journeys, as they are keen on new and interesting experiences. To preserve their safety I got them used to wearing a harness, which they accept without complaint, as they know this means an exciting trip. (have a look at "mouse hunt on the leash")

You are welcome meeting my Korat gang any time. You will be greeted right away at the doorstep by the entire Korat family.

P. DK Primprau’s Aprilili Aries ("Jari")

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