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Meejai Korats welcome 5 new Kittens, proud parents beeing Pimu and Samut!

Korat kittens 2013

Meanwhile all kittens found a wonderful home:

Pimu's kittens:

Meejai Ay Anik ("Anik")

Anik enriches the Cattery Amixam's korats of Anne Frostander in Sweden.
Pedigree Anik

Meejai Ak Bajahn ("Bajahn")

Bajahn lives together with another Koratboy inside a nice family in Suisse.
Pedigree Bajahn

Meejai Am Chaya ("Chaya")

Chaya enriches the Cattery Dala Speed Korats of Helga Lokøy in Norway.
Pedigree Chaya

Meejai Aa Dara Isis ("Dara / Isis")

Dara / Isis enriches the Cattery Chatterie du Korat Céleste of Gabriel Lemonier in France.
Pedigree Dara

Lalana's kittens:

Meejai Baan Ee-Faa ("Efaa"),
Meejai Bon Goomaree ("Maree")

Efaa & Maree lives like princesses in a family in Germany.

Pedigree Efaa

Pedigree Maree

Meejai Been Fan-Fayo ("Benny / Aatu")

Benny / Aatu enriches the Cattery Melodian Korats of Sanna Veijalainen in Finland.
Pedigree Benny / Aatu

29.03.2013 Merry Easter at Meejai Korats

Fan-Fayo, Ee-Faa
hatching kittens
Merry Easter !

22.03.2013 Lalana's kittens week three


22.03.2013 - Pimu's kittens week four

left Dara and right Chaya

15.03.2013 - Pimu's kittens week three


14.03.2013 - Pimu's babies enjoy life

Anik exploring the world
Bajahn smiling
Chaya dreaming
Dara helping Mum with grooming

07.03.2013 - First photoshooting with Lalana's kittens

Just ten days old: Lalana's kitten with (still incompletely) opened eyes,  but already specified names:

Meejai Baan Ee-Faa: shining skyblue daughter

Meejai Been Fan-Fayo: light pure, hoped for dream

Meejai bon Goomaree: superiour princesse 

Left to right: Ee-Faa - Fan-Fayo - Goomaree

07.03.2013 - Second fotoshooting with pimu's kittens

The tiny korat cats got their names:

Meejai Ay Anik: beloved eldest son

Meejai Ak Bajahn: excellent wonderful young man

Meejai Am Chaya: third child the princesse

Meejai Aa Dara: amazing evening star 

Left to right: Anik - Bajahn - Chaya - Dara

07.03.2013 - Kittenrun for Pimu's kittens

The first kittenrun for Pimu's kittens as they start training to walk. They kicked the 300g mark today! 

Lalana's kittens caught up with Pimu's and are above 200g!

05.03.2013 - Pimu and Lalana moving

Both families moved into their new homes and enjoy it obviously!

Pimu beeing very happy having more space than in her first choice - the sturdi-bag

02.03.2013 - Lalana's family

Lalana's tiny babys: already 5 days old and trying to catch up weight with their older half- sisters and brothers
175 - 177 - 165g 


02.03.2013 - Fotoshooting with Pimu and her kittens

Pimu's kittens 9 days old today and all well over 200g:
235 - 224 - 211 - 203g


25.02.2013 - Lalana's kittens are always hungry

25.02.2013 -We welcome Lalana's kittens

The first foto of Lalana and her 3 babies!

First korat kitten (Pink): Female, 98g, born 10.10 AM

Second korat kitten (Black): Male 96g, born 11.00 AM

Third korat kitten (Red): Female, 91g, born 1.30 PM

Mum sleeping - kids won't stop eating

24.02.2013 - Pimu: Nursing

Pimu developed from Mum's beloved kitten to a dedicated Mum

22.02.2013 - Pimu's kittens are growing

Mum and kittens are well and sleeping and eating a lot:

First korat kitten: Male, this morning 127g

Second korat kitten: Male, this morning 110g

Third korat kitten: Female, this morning 106g

Fourth korat kitten: Female, this morning 109g

22. February 2013: Mum and kittens are well and sleeping and eating a lot

22.02.2013 - Our first Korat kittens are born!

The first fotos of Pimu and her 4 babies!

First korat kitten (Purple): Male, 101g, born 3.35 AM

Second korat kitten (Blue): Male 92g, born 4.15 AM

Third korat kitten (Yellow): Female, 86g, born 4.40 AM

Fourth korat kitten (Green): Female, 86g, born 5.00 AM

21. February 2013: all kittens of Pimu suckling and making loud sucking noices
21. February 2013: Sweet Mum Pimu taking very good care of her kittens

20. February 2013: Last time alone

20. February 2013: Pimu, spending her waiting time with building an igloo of towels
Pimu 5 weeks pregnant (01/24/2013)

Riaan and Pimu merrily announce that they're expecting kittens in February 2013.

 Lalana and Riaan will have a litter of sweet little kittens as well in February 2013.

Lalana and Riaan are dreaming of their first kittens (February 2013).