Y- Lalana

Meejai Korats welcome 5 new Kittens, proud parents beeing Pimu and Samut!


CH Lalana Lilavaree
aka Lalana
born 25-01-2012 

Lalana with 4 months
CH Lalana Lilavaree ("Lalana")

She is a cheerful, boisterous whirlwind, twisting us around her little "fingers".
Lalana means "lovely girl" in Thailand - and this she is!
Camilla Baird and me co-own Lalana, but I suppose we are owned by her!
Lalana was born in the Netherlands, bred by Alice Scholtmeijer-Klamer, who lived for six years in Asia/Thailand. She imported an original korat coming from the Thai Cat Preservation Centre.

Lalana’s pedigree:

Pedigree Lalana Lilavaree 


Sunan Sabaai-Dii, aka Chai

Pedigree Sunan Sabaai-Dii


Sri-Sawad II, aka Lanna (Thai-import)

Pedigree Sri-Sawad II