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Meejai Korats welcome 5 new Kittens, proud parents beeing Pimu and Samut!


CH Smud-Khoi's Si-Sawat Ri-Aan

aka Riaan
born 21-01-2012 

Riaan with 11 weeks
CH Smud-Khoi's Si-Sawat Ri-Aan ("Riaan")

A very cuddly boy who invents a lot of amusing nonsense!

Riaan is an old Irish name, meaning "little king" but was known and used in ancient Scandinavia aswell. Ri-aan means in Thai: to begin with a new project - my Danish little king starting the new project korat breeding.

Riaan was born in Belgium, bred by Danielle Van Bruggen: koratcattery

Riaans pedigree:

Pedigree Smud-Khoi's Si-Sawat Ri-Aan


CH Ayram Dee-Waraporn

Pedigree Ayram Dee-Waraporn


Smud-Khoi’'s Si-Sawat Nim-Lek

Pedigree C. Smud-Khoi'’s Si-Sawat Nim-Lek