(! catshow results 2012

Meejai Korats welcome 5 new Kittens, proud parents beeing Pimu and Samut!

Christmas-Catshow: December the 15th and 16th 2012 in Glinde, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

This day has been quite eventful and buisy for my gang: they had to go to judges all day long as they were entered in "parallel judging" and they did well in "supporting" the student judge :)
Next there have actually been lots of guests visiting the show and my gang did korat-presentation all day long. And last but not least: the show results .... which were amazing:

First show day:

Jai: another CAGPIB, nom and BIS with all votes
Pimu: last CACIB : now IC, BIV, nom and BIS
Lalana: another CAC
Riaan: another CAC, nom, lost to a sweet swedish Burmilla stud

Second show day:

Jai (Primprau's Aprilili Aria): another CAGPIB (number 8), nom and BIS
Pimu: CAGCIB (my two girls share showresults equally)
Lalana: third CAC and is Champion now, BIV, nom, lost BIS to a blue BRI after patt-voting first
Riaan: third CAC also Champion now, nom and lost BIS to an Aby

November the 24th and 25th 2012 in Turku, Finland: Korat-Cats Special show

I went on a long trip to Turku in Finland.

This has been an amazing event: 70 Korats and almost all korateers meeting in Turku, Finland, a korat special with an own Korat BIS on Saturday, an "usual" show on Sunday and a breed seminar on Friday.

Both of my girls have been BIS on saturday, Pimu beeing the best female (BIV) and Lalana the best youngster (BIV).

On sunday Pimu and Riaan have been nominated for BIS. Pimu was best adult korat, Riaan best male korat on sunday.

October the 21st 2012 in Årslev, Denmark: The Halloween Show

I have been there together with Pimu who impressed visitors sitting on my witch’s shoulder.

Pimu got her second CAC.

Have a look to the impressions of the show!