& catshows 2013

Meejai Korats welcome 5 new Kittens, proud parents beeing Pimu and Samut!

Catshows 2013

It’s baby-time at Meejai-Korats. I’m looking forward supporting my two Mums Pimu and Lalana in raising their lovely kittens.
Shows in spring might be postponed then. I will keep you updated whether you will meet my korat cats and me at these shows.

New fotos Lalana and Pimu

16. - 17. March 2013: "Vild med Dyr" in Fredericia, Danmark

Home and garden fair. I will most probably not attend this show and enjoy my kittens instead.

20. - 21. April 2013: Malmö, Schweden

Most probably still playing with my kittens.

22. - 23. June 2013: Nørre Aaby, Danmark

Meet Meejai Korats again, this time the proud parents will show off with their kittens!

6. July 2013: Danmark’s Agricultural Fair in Herning, Danmark

A very special Cat Show at the Danish Agricultural Fair. Here you will meet my korats together with priced cows, sheep, goats and horses. There is fun for the whole family, lots of activities for the kids and powerful tractors for the Dads. Last but not least: Best in Show with all fourlegs. You can meet my Koratcats closely here.

31. July - 01. August 2013: Korat Special in Vambdrup, Danmark

Korat Special! Meet my whole Meejai-Korats gang!

21. - 22. September in Schönberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Enjoy a nice weekend at the Baltic Sea and meet my Korats at the Cat Show. We are looking forward to seeing you!

26. - 27. Oktober 2013: Korat World Show in Aalborg, Danmark

All my Korats represent Danmark at the World Show!