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Meejai Korats welcome 5 new Kittens, proud parents beeing Pimu and Samut!

How everything started

Charly who had to leave us much too soon in 2008

I had traditional siamese cats for a very long  time. Charly, one of my last toms, loved  nursing kittens  so very much, that he "adopted" every animal-kid he could get hold of, no matter being  rabbits, hedgehogs or kittens. Learn more about Charly: http://www.facebook.com/Meejai.korats

Charly simply loved every newborn, that’s why I started looking for another traditional siamese kitten. At this time, in 2000 unfortunately those original siamese couldn’t be found any longer in central Europe.

Jeanny who really brought us luck!

One day I found a newspaper advert, a balinese breeder looking  for new homes for her mixedbreed kittens: proud father was supposed to be a silverblue Thai luckycat, who was brought home from a long Thailand stay. I will never know his "real" pedigree, but I didn’t mind as Charly adopted the new kitten JEANNY at once, it was love from the first sight.

Of course I was curious what this Thai luckycat would be and searched the net, not this easy at this time, though.

Then, by chance, I learned of a catshow near my place in Flensburg in 2001 where korats were shown. I simply HAD to visit this show, and met a very kind korat-breeder, Camilla, showing two korat boys. Camilla told me a lot about this ancient natural breed that had not  been changed by humans, described for more than 700 years,  intelligent, playful, affectionate cats, having their OWN will .... THIS was the cat I had been longing for all my live.

I will never know, whether there IS any korat in Jeanny, whether her father was a true korat, but Jeanny has been our lucky cat, without her I never would have found the korat.

Thomas, my husband and me had been so very much fascinated by all we learned of the korats, that we longed for our own one.  We were so happy that we had  found a breed that had not been changed by menkind. So we decided to play an active part in the preservation of the breed by breeding our own korats.

But sometimes  things are not meant to be and plans had to be postponed. My husband Thomas lost his battle to his severe illness  in 2008.

Meeting Camilla Baird has proven to be more than just coincidence:

On  20-10-2010 Jocy (Primprau's Holy Ranma Zeze) stepped into my live and brought sunshine, luck and happiness encouraging me by her loving nature  to build up my own korat breeding.

You will find Jocy, like all the other korats who stepped into my life, under: "my korats"

P. DK Primprau’s Holy Ranma Zeze ("Jocy")
Primprau’s Aprilili Aries ("Jari") und Primprau’s Aprilili Aria ("Jai")